“Little House On The Prairie” Boot Outfit


–noun   B oo t-

1. a covering of leather, rubber, or the like, for the foot and all or part of the leg.

I said in a earlier post that I would do some outfits around these boots

I like to call them “Prairie boots” 🙂


Well here they are…….

look #1

Boots outfit 1

There is definitely a “Lumber Jane” vibe coming from this outfit..I thinks its cute, It would be great for early fall.

I love the fake Geeky Glasses.

Boots:  Lulus.com

Bag:  Lulus.com

Geek Glasses:  Lulus.com

Belt:  Modcloth.com

Shorts: Lulus.com

Gingham Shirt: Gap.com

Look #2

Boots outfit 2

This outfit is a little more creative, I really like it, The bottoms are actually shorts!!

The smiley T-shirt  is an unexpected POP of color. and the sweater pulls the look together.

Someone could really rock this outfit!!!!

Boots:  Lulus.com

T-shirt:  Yesstyles.com

Rufffle Shorts:  Lulus.com

Green Sweater: Modcloth.com

Glasses: Lulus.com

Clutch: Lulus.com


Boots outfit 3

The outfit would be  really girlie without the boots, They add that unique look to the outfit.

And that’s what makes people look!     Did I mention the bag?  It is soo adorable!!!!

Green Flower Bag:  Yesstyles.com

Gold Bracelet: Yesstyles.com

Boots:  Lulus.com

Leggings: Lulus.com

Candy Stripped Shirt: Lulus.com

Headband:  Modcloth.com

As always,  WholeMilk-

Thanks for reading!


~ by WholeMilk on July 28, 2009.

One Response to ““Little House On The Prairie” Boot Outfit”

  1. i got some but i dont know where i got them

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